This is the music of urban youth, on the make, determined to succeed, prosper and love without restraint. It’s party music, infused with a bold optimism defiantly at odds with the realities young Africans face in their day-to-day lives around relationships. But the success of Afrobeats has a lot to do with the way it transcends national, ethnic and language barriers to become the most pan-African sound of its day, boosted by satellite TV music and video award programs viewed in Buea , Lagos, Nairobi, Kampala and Johannesburg alike, not to mention London,Toronto , Atlanta and New York. And artists from all these places and more are getting in on the action.

The result is a music that’s rich, not bound to formula, unabashedly modern, and produced to match or exceed the sonic impact of pop music anywhere today. All this explains why Afrobeats has come of age in the past decade. African radio stations and nightclubs once fueled by American hip-hop and U.K. dance sounds, now thrive on Afrobeats. It has literally been a revolution, felt by all.There’s a lot of collaboration in this producer-driven genre,Successful Afrobeats songs are routinely remixed to give them new life Hits

a reach for such a fast-moving genre. But no matter.

Once you’ve absorbed these tracks, just log on to YouTube and join the hit parade. Virtually all successful Afrobeats songs come with well-made videos, mostly depicting fantasized expressions of the good life in African towns and cities.

And for the most thorough engaging audio history of the rise of Afrobeats you’ll find anywhere,check out "Cameroonian Canadian base rising sensation of Afrobeats." Then listen to this set again: We’ll see you on the dance floor.

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